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Contact Keeper


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Contact Keeper is an advanced address book with many unique features. Unlike a conventional address book, you're able to store an infinite number of phone numbers and addresses. Not only that, but you may also organize your contacts into many easy to manage databases. With each person or business you add, you have the option of inputting wallops of information, or as little as just a name. Even run a dates check to be notified if any birthdays or anniversaries are on the horizon!

Though, the power of this elite address book isn't limited to simply storing contacts. You also have the ability to use your internal modem to dial their phone number with a simple click! This is made easy with Contact Keeper's sleek and easy to use interface.

Copy information directly to the clipboard, print off contact information, create pre-addressed envelopes, and change data field names for selected contacts

Have a Palm Pilot? Who doesn't these days - it's an essential part of every business person's life. With Contact Keeper's powerful vCard import and export features, you can bring over contacts from your Palm's address book in seconds! Did we forget to mention vCard files are also compatible with Apple's Address Book for Mac OS X?

Personal Assistant


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How organize the day of our life? Try Personal Assistant - powerful personal information manager and day planner. This profesionally developed and well designed software will track your everyday tasks, save you diary, remind about holidays, birthdays and other special days.

Personal Assistant will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more. Set it up to send a visual or audible alarm to notify you of things to be done in the day of our life. Create and manage to-do lists, and set alarms for individual entries. Sort your lists by priority, task, or due date, and add color-coding to help you further define your jobs. Then use the appointment reminder to display your jobs by day, week, or month. Make appointments and set up alarms to remind you of upcoming events or meetings at the day of our life. You can assign file names, documents and internet links with your task items and launch them.

Work Time


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WorkTime is a versatile project tracker that surveys the time you spent working with your PC.
WorkTime launched on Windows start gathers statistics about projects you worked with, running programs, documents you open, web-sites you visited and time you spent for every of these tasks.

WorkTime displays various statistics such as: total working time, working time for a period, time spent running some program, document or user-defined program group (Work, Internet, Games, etc).

WorkTime offers Network logging - gathering statistics on network computers, Spy Mode - surveying usage of your computer in completely hidden state.

In addition, WorkTime can remind you to take regular breaks to prevent computer-related injuries, has multi-language interface, offers an alarm and countdown clock.

Work Time Source Code


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Complete source code for most recent version of NesterSoft WorkTime.
You can compile WorkTime, or use source in your own applications.
Several third-party components are required
Written in Delphi 6.

Task Manager 2005


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Orbisoft's top-rated Task Manager 2005åª is a new, easy to use program designed especially to help you get organized and manage all your jobs and tasks effortlessly. Task Manager 2005 can be used personally or in a team environment to track personal and shared tasks, jobs (including customer jobs) and projects. Get a quick-view of all your tasks, guard against missed deadlines, balance workloads automatically and forecast work bottlenecks and quiet times. Sample reports include: tasks listed by deadline or date received, tasks currently overdue, tasks due today, task time budgets, workflow trends, time allocation pie graphs, main/subtasks, and many more. Easy data entry allows you to minimize the time spent on logging tasks. Tracking, reporting and even analyzing task statistics and work trends is fast and simple. The powerful built-in Microsoft Accesså¨ ODBC database allows you to customize fields, templates and reports while getting a wide variety of these already built in. Export to Microsoft Excelå¨, Wordå¨, Accesså¨ Snapshot, HTML, customizable email reminders, field, program and table security, ActiveX fields, auto-scheduling, auto-lookup, and many other advanced features available. Task Manager 2005 is a 'must-have' if you are losing track of tasks, jobs and projects. Whether just for yourself or for a team, the benefits gained from the easy use of Task Manager 2005 are combined with the feeling of knowing all tasks are accounted for and under tight control!

Advanced Time Reports Web


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Advanced Time Reports Web will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. All of ATR functionality now available in pure 100% web-based application. Manage your projects, receive updates, create reports and view team schedules - all remotely from any place in the world.

Advanced Time Reports Web is a multi-user version with advanced functionality, web access and reports, calendar, rounding rules, comparing professionals, departments, clients and projects to each other.

Increase your profits by preventing hour slippage and speeding up project reports for your clients so you can get paid faster. Give remote internet secure access to timelogs to all professionals on your team. Appoint administrators and project managers to be able to view schedule information for the entire company. Keep your project history, so you can retrieve it when you need it. Create detailed project reports so you can compare your schedules to initial project estimates.

Advanced Time Reports Web comes with complete source code for all main forms and reports, so you can adjust it to better fit your company needs.

Get you copy of Advanced Time Reports Web today and make your projects more predictable and transparent and your team more pfofitable! Take the control of your projects back!

Project Management


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The Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic, affordable, Excel based solution to plan and manage any project. The ability to build the projects budget as tasks are identified facilitates the processes of business case proposal, valuation analysis, and securing the required funding. Project dynamics can be altered and performance monitored with best practice Earned Value Analysis throughout the complete project lifecycle.

Key features of the Project Planning and Management template include:
- Ability to define project budget as tasks are defined;
- Pre-define project phases, task titles, holidays, and other key project parameters;
- Creation of task dependencies and timing constraints;
- 'Auto-timing' function calculates optimal project schedule automatically;
- Gantt schedule charting with mouseover details;
- Project status reporting based on best practice Earned Value Analysis;
- Emailing of participant task lists and creation of individual participant workbooks to enable updating of task progress from remote workbooks.

(Requires Microsoft Excel 97 or higher)

IMPORTANT NOTE for Macintosh users:
Due to this product's integration with some Windows API functions, this template is not compatible with Excel on the Macintosh operating system.



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MinuteMan is a project management program. It can help you create a project schedule with the dates of tasks and milestones, make notes on each task, assign personnel to certain tasks, and track expenditures. It allows you to print Gantt and PERT charts and schedule and budget reports. It can generate reports in hard copy or text and graphics file formats. Files are compatible with standard word processor and spreadsheet programs.



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