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New Device Uses “Time Metric Tracking” To Help Employees Get More Done.


Pace Productivity’s TimeCorder Takes Worker Productivity Training To New Levels.

Kansas City (PRWEB) April 29, 2004 -– In the business world, it seems that everyone is getting busier and busier. But how can “busy” be defined? Does it mean more productive or more harried? An innovative new diagnostic device is being launched to help answer that question and help employees get more done.

The unique TimeCorder from Pace Productivity is the most sophisticated yet simplest time tracking system in the business marketplace. Designed for use by corporate employees, the new TimeCorder is a handheld electronic device that allows participants in Pace Productivity’s popular time studies to easily keep track of their own time. The TimeCorder consists of a series of electronic stopwatches, only one of which is activated at any time. The device is programmed with pre-coded activities and each time an employee presses a new button, time accumulates on that activity. After a sample period, Pace Productivity analyzes the results and compares them to an extensive database of information to show clients where the most productive time is being spent and where time is being wasted.

“Getting more done tomorrow starts with understanding what’s being done today,” says Pace Productivity President and TimeCorder inventor Mark Ellwood. “This is a user-friendly approach for companies who want to help their employees improve their results. Employees are in control, and they actually thank us for the opportunity to participate.” An internationally known productivity consultant and leading expert on how people spend their time, Ellwood works with corporate clients all over the world in identifying and implementing precise plans for employee productivity improvement.

The TimeCorder is a unique tool for benchmarking, process improvement, generating metrics and improving time management. Originally designed in 1989, the TimeCorder has now been completely re-designed. It is smaller, lighter and even easier to use for employees in busy work environments. The TimeCorder provides users with instant feedback on how they allocate their most important activities and what’s getting in the way of their maximum productivity.

Pace Productivity has used the TimeCorder to help organizations make an immediate difference in productivity efforts. Previous clients include Eli Lilly, Starbucks, Metropolitan Life, Aventis Pasteur and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

TimeCorder Results:
At one financial institution, front line sales people increased their selling time by a remarkable four hours per week because of the initiatives that resulted from a TimeCorder study. In another study, mothers of young children tracked their time for a full week. The results, presented at an international time use conference, quantified that mothers employed full time work 82 hours per week between employment, domestic and child-care activities.

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