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Working At Home And Time Management

by Terry Stewart

Time management and organisation is so important in life and when it comes to working at home it is doubly important. As a matter of fact Time management, oganistaion, schedules are all prominent in any successful organisation.

Time is the one thing that we do not have enough of it is the one thing in life that is constant. Time will wait for no one so we have to utilise it the best way we can.

It makes no sense to try and cram everthing in to a short space of time because it will become counter productive. can you imagine a plumber trying to make a deadline of finishing 3 days work in one day. His work would become sloppy he would make mistakes then he would have to go over the job again.

So really the answer to the question of not having enough time is organisation, writing schedules and keeping a diary. This is vital for a home based entrepeneur!

Organisation means keeping all your documents, invoices, accounts and everthing you use in your business in their proper place. This will save time because you will know where everything is It will also lead to a less stressful home/working environment.

Keeping a diary, filo-fax or some kind of personal organiser is a vital business tool for obvious reasons.

Another system that is invaluble is writing rotas or schedules. Now it is no point writing a great schedule and not sticking to it is there? When one writes a schedule they must take into account all the aspects of their work and there family life. remember when working at home a happy work environment will lead to more productivity which equals more profits.

When writinga schedule It is important to encompass everything that could mean taking the children to school, shopping feeding the dog. as well as all your business commitments. Always make time for the famil,y especially when working at home. Make sure you have an arrangement with your spouse about your working hours, and that the children realise as well. Of course If you have younger children you have to give a bit more of your time or get child minders.

Having an office or a part of the house where you can work undisturbed would be fantastic. because you can then have all your tools i.e computer, telephone, files and stationary in one place. Hence saving an emense amount of time.

Planning is another useful skill to have in the quest to save time and be more productive you should take a couple of hours in the beginning of the week to plan for the coming 2 weeks. Again take everything into account then write your schedule.

Having planned your schedule for 2 weeks give yourself some leeway like an extra half an hour in between chores. As you never no what can pop up.

So in summary to help in having a smooth profitable home business you must be organised. Plan your weeks ahead then write your schedule remembering to be flexible. Let your family know what your schedule is and you will find that time is not a problem at all.

Copywright © Terry Stewart

Terry Stewart Is a successful home based business person who has been a chef for many years. He has transfered some skills to his present business eg. organisation and I for detail. This article is the copyright of Terry Stewart.

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