Automated Expense and Timesheet Management

This is an interesting article on how businesses can manage time by streamlining and automating some of their business processes. This article specifically talks about time management by using software tools to automate timesheet management. It gives some good details and some sources for tools that can help businesses automate this particular process.

The pressure on companies to become ever ‘leaner’ and optimize the business processes is higher than ever. Investors demanding higher profits, customer’s demands for lower prices and greater quality and regulators demand for better controls and more transparency force organizations to improve, optimize and streamline their entire business process. The benefit of streamlining these processes has an immediate positive impact on the bottom line. The Improvements within manufacturing, including just in time production and material management have dramatically improved the bottom line.

While the focus on optimizing the logistic and production processes remains strong, optimization of administrative costs need similar attention. Companies actually realize productivity levels in their administrative sections today that are lower than before the introduction of IT solutions. The higher use of IT systems, while improving the amount and availability of information, is not being strategically used to lower costs associated with the administrative function.


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