3 Effective Time Management Tips For Parents

When we become parents, time management becomes even more of a necessity.  Our workload increases dramatically.  Not only do we have to manage ourselves, but we have to manage others as well.  Having a good system in place will cause the minimal amount of disruption to the family and to the parents as well.  Single parents have it even tougher and will really need good time management systems in place to keep things running smoothly.

As a working parents, you need to juggle between you work and family. Which is more important and which should be prioritized? These are the questions which are always faced by parents. Letting loose either side would only wait for problems to surface. Although time management can be easily applied at work, parents often faced difficulties in organizing their household activities as in like the household chords, picking and sending kids to school, and spending quality time with kids. Time management is important and should be applied to balance both your work and family.

It is not easy to cope with a changed lifestyle when you become a first time parent. Fortunately, through certain proven and helpful instructions in time management, parents would be able adapt much better to the new setup.

- Do whatever that deemed important

As parents, you have to identify what is important and has to attend to immediately. This is part of the skill in time management which you have to master. Recognized the fact that you are no more alone, you still have your little ones to take care. They are definitely your main obligation.

I am not saying that you can put your job aside. No, to do that would only put you and your family’s finances at stake. You have to handle different situations differently. Determine what your top priority is, and make sure you go to the next in list as soon as you have completed you top priority.

To have good time management, you can also list down whatever has to be done on that day. Prioritize them base on the degree of urgency. With the list, you will not only able to do the important activity first but also able to complete a day’s duties.

- Share your work loads at home

Traditionally, it is not uncommon that the household chores are the wives job. It is, however not quite true today. Husbands can now come into the picture in helping out with the household chores. With two pairs of hands working at the same time, the household chores can be completed at a faster rate, leaving you with more time for you kids or other jobs.

Grown up kids can also share the work load with the parents. Parents can teach their children to be responsible by getting them to tidy up their rooms, make their own bed and even wash their own clothes. That way, each and every family member has their own duty to accomplish; chores can be done at a shorter time. All these are positive results brought about by good time management.

- Plan out in advanced

To plan out in advanced is a must in good time management because it ensure that you complete the tasks in time and that every things is done within the set timing.

When it comes to the time when a mother or some time a father, has to cook for the family, he or she may delay for a while to figure out what to cook for dinner. It is advisable to plan out your menu beforehand so that when its time to cook for the family, you already know what to cook.

An efficient time management also requires you to plan your shopping list and time beforehand. Without a shopping list, you stand a chance to miss an item that you need to buy. Time would be wasted if you have to come back again to get the item. With a shopping list, not only you will not miss any item, but will also finish your shopping at a much shorter time.

To have effective time management is crucial for parents nowadays, especially when time have to be spent on both family and work. Learning and applying the tips above will not only help parents to complete all necessary tasks, but also have more time to spend with the family.

Jeff Boo is an Educator with many years of teaching experience and a Father of a pair of twins, so he is very experience in handling children [http://www.childrenproblems.expertreviewslist.com]. Did you find the above information useful? You can learn a lot more about parenting children at [http://www.childrenproblems.expertreviewslist.com]

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Publish Date: 08/12/2007

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