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Online Version of the Ebook: "What Time It Now?"

We have been able to provide the online version of the ebook "What Time is it Now? - The keys to successful time mangement". If you like your own personal copy, you can purchase a copy from here. (coming soon!)

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Warming up to the concept of Time. (software)
Chapter 2: We live in our own time cages. (training).
Chapter 3: Where does all the time go? (tips)
Chapter 4: Time Killers. (programs)
Chapter 5: Organizing, the key to Time Management (tips)
Chapter 6: ‘To Do’ lists (skills)
Chapter 7: Prioritizing helps in meeting deadline (system)
Chapter 8: Accomplishing more in less time (technique)
Chapter 9: Time Savers (tools)
Chapter 10: Doing two things at a time (course)
Chapter 11: Your time, a self analysis
Chapter 12: Saying ‘No’
Chapter 13: Procrastination-The final enemy
Chapter 14: How to stay motivated
Chapter 15: Plan for success
Chapter 16: Workaholics beware
Chapter 17: Executive Burnout
Chapter 18: Tardiness


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