Fail to Plan….or Plan to Fail

If you want to run your BUSINESS ‘willy-nilly’, or ‘Gun Ho’
- then expect eventual failure. However, with some applied
thought, planning and foresight, you can develop your
little, part-time home business into something which
definitely has increased chances for success.

Apply [tag]time-management[/tag] techniques, stick to time-tables and
deadlines. Look out for ‘Time Thieves’…….. These are
people or events which steal time from you, time which
could be more effectively used elsewhere.

Example: Someone calls and asks when you can deliver a
certain item, you reply “within two days”, they are happy
with your response BUT instead of the conversation
finishing, they go on to talk about weather, sports,
families etc…

…..before you know it, a one minute call has turned into
a 30 minute episode of everything except business. Not
Good. This is time you could have efficiently used
elsewhere………they have stolen your time from you. Look
out for the ‘Time Thieves’ – they are everywhere. Spot them
- deal with them.

Time Management is KEY to business planning. If your plan
has a tight schedule to work to, then your management of
ever-so valuable time will be very important. Plan your
time carefully, effectively and efficiently……but do
allow for some overspill and overlap…….it happens in
any business!

One KEY findamental of business planning is the ability to
be flexible and adaptible. Never assume that once you
create your plan, that you must stick to it rigidly, but
flexible when necessary, but not to the detriment of the
your success. Remember, overspill and overlap work both
sides of the same coin.

PLAN. Plan carefully, plan honestly, plan realistically.
But you must plan.

Final thought. Think long and hard about the ‘company /
business objective’ and the ‘Customer Mission Statement’.
Put toghether a short (two – three sentences) paragraph for
each, which clearly defines….. A). What your business is
all about. B). What your customers can expect from your

Chose the words carefully, put into 2-3 sentences
everything that encapsulates both statements totally and
work to these statements closely.

Plan for success, because without planning, you will fail.

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