Effective Time Management for Busy People

I like this time management article because it gives some great tips on how to save time and 2 areas of our lives where we waste most of our time during the day. It gives some good tips on how we can manage our communications, meetings and visitors so that we are using our time most effectively. As usual, most time management techniques work only as good as we implement them, but these are as good a tips as any.

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day, because there is “never enough time” to get everything done? Do you sometimes feel that you are juggling too many obligations over the course of a day?

At the same time, do you ever feel amazed at how some people seem to accomplish so much in the exact same amount of time allotted to us all?

Just as the fundamental key to becoming wealthy is proper money management (managing your earning, saving, investing and spending), the key to succeeding in accomplishing all the goals you have set for yourself is effective time management.
Recently, reporter John Stossel of ABC’s 20/20 television newsmagazine exploded the myth that Americans have less free time now than previous generations did. Once he learned how to manage his time better, he found he was able to write a book (Give Me a Break).

Surprisingly enough, however, perhaps the most important reason for learning to [tag]manage time[/tag] more effectively is to safeguard one’s health.

Studies have shown that the frustration engendered by the difficulties in coping with our many daily interruptions – telephone calls, e-mails, unexpected visitors, unplanned meetings, sudden emergencies, etc. – leads to increased levels of stress. The effects of this stress can be gastric and digestive distress, as well as intense fatigue and exhaustion.

Moreover, brain research has found that stress-related fatigue is linked more to anxiety about NOT having completed what we wanted to complete than to the acute form of stress generated by crises that occasionally come up. Hence, the supreme importance of time management.


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