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This article “Business Time Management – How to Party Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time For Your Business” brings up some interesting points….  I am currently listening to the CD series “Your wish is your command” and one of the things it says is that if you believe it will take 20 hours of work a day to be successful, then that is what you will create for yourself.  I found this quite intriguing because those that are successful in business and can party like a rock star have a different belief set.  Maybe it’s time to really look at our belief systems.

Often times, particularly when you are an entrepreneur, you end up being a slave to your business. Typically, by the time a client comes to me for help, it has become a time consuming Albatross hanging around your neck. However, smart business owners have an “ace in the hole” when it comes to effective time management and having a “life”and a business, at the same time.

When an entrepreneur is starting a business, particularly an online business, they try to perform all the functions of the business themselves. This is normal and natural. When a business is small, and just starting, frequently one individual can handle all the tasks.

The problems arise as the business grows and becomes more involved and complicated. Many business owners still try and handle all the activities themselves. This creates a very tiring, stressful, and potentially damaging situation. Generally, in trying to do everything, the owner is forced to work LONG hours. In addition, many of the tasks that are important to the business, are either left undone, or are done ineffectively.

So, what is the solution to effective business time management?

The solution to handling a growing business is to delegate some of the activities to others. These functions could be delegated to additional employees, or independent contractors. The key is to identify which activities to delegate. Generally, the owner should continue the activities that are crucial to the core success of the business.

Less essential activities, which can often be time consuming, should be delegated to others. However, and this is CRUCIAL, the owner MUST take the required time to train the individual properly.

Too often, the owner will “whisk” the individual into the position without adequate training. An improperly trained worker is often WORSE than no worker at all! On the other hand, properly trained help can free up time for the owner to spend more time on crucial aspects of running the business, as well as allowing time for friends, family, and fun!

My name is Mike Hutchins, widely known as the “action” business coach. I am the author of ” The Alligator Syndrome ” which is an eBook guide that helps business owners overcome information overload and feelings of being overwhelmed, to finally create serious business profits. Get your FREE copy HERE.

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Publish Date: 04/18/2010

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