Effective Tips for Task Management

Task management can certainly be considered as being related to time management.  These strategies are related because when people feel that they are in congtrol of their tasks, they feel as if they have more control over their time. So in managing the tasks, what is the best thing that you can do?  Read on for more in this article as it discusses 7 tips for task management.

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Here is an article titled “7 Tips for Effective Task Management”:

Effective task management is essential to completing any project successfully whether working solo or with a team. There are several tools available with many features that make the task management process much more efficient and convenient for individuals and teams.

1. Daily Task Planning

At the end of the work day, take the time to review the day’s accomplishments, cross them off of your list and plan your work for the next day.

2. Identify Tasks

It’s helpful to periodically do a ‘brain dump’ and make a list of all of the tasks that you must complete. Do a mental scan of all of your projects so that you can capture everything.

3. Limit tasks to a single action item

Break larger task down to their simplest form– a single action item that can be completed in one sitting.

4. Prioritize

Give each task a priority. You can’t complete them all in a day, and some tasks are contingent on the completion of a previous task.

5. Assign Due Dates
Once tasks are in their priority order assign due dates to them to help you track the status of a project against the projects major milestones.

6. Separate tasks into Categories

Establish a set of categories that correspond to the projects characteristics and assign certain tasks to the appropriate category.

7. Celebrate Important Project Milestones

Achieving important project milestones is a great excuse to celebrate the progress you are making on the overall project.

Keeping track of all tasks for a particular project in a single location is key!

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3 Responses to Effective Tips for Task Management

  1. Planning, prioritizing and then executing are the keys to time management. And yes I agree, celebrating milestones is important. Which is something I seem to be doing every Friday night :)
    Thanh Time Management´s last blog ..Working Productively While Traveling AudioMy ComLuv Profile

  2. One of the things whcih helps me most is to separate out the urgent and the important as follows:
    Urgent = bad things happen if you DON’T do it
    Important = good things happen if you DO do it.

  3. Frontjer says:

    I would agree with these ideas, as one of methods. I think one the biggest issue is to start doing this, namely – find time to think about, then create and write down your plan. One of the biggest tricks known that I digested with my own experience – once plan is written, it become more real than just a thought, it is now something more material, if you will, and it make you feel more responsible to act on it. Exciting, is not it? So, discipline is what matters to make this happen. The more things you are managing the more you need this discipline and good written plan before you eyes.

    The next issue is setting up priorities and keep focus on them. Here is good approach proposed. The challenge is that the picture is not that stable as we’d like to have it. I create a plan and then need to reshuffle it due to changes and improvements. Yes, there are long term things that stay, yet as rightly stated here, we need specific tasks to complete within shorter period of time to gain them. So, we need long term objectives and then right executional level and focus on priorities.

    To make this happen I tried different tools to help me. I hate to waste time to arrange things, then re-do them again and spend more time for organizing than actually doing. Luckily, I recently found one interesting tool to help me with it and I’d like to share this with you. The name of tool is VisioTask, and it seems it has just appeared. Inventors used quite different, yet very simple approach to collect and write down tasks and then sort them out, depict on one pager and manage priorities. I started using it and found it quite helpful and easy. Check for yourself, it may be useful for you as well. And let’s exchange thoughts on your ways of working. See you around. F.

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