The Kinds of Time Management Games You Can Play without Wasting Your Time

While this article doesn’t mention specific time management games, it does give you an idea on what kinds of games you should be looking for that will also add value and actually save time as well.  There are a number of different games you can get, but if you are wanting to get a number of people involved to train them on specific time management, then it is important to get them involved in a way that will benefit everyone, because then, you will be wasting a lot of time.  So you can read the article and get an idea of what to put into the search engine to find specific time management games.  Read on for more.

Time management games are a great way to teach and learn about using your time more wisely and more productively. You can make up your own games, or you can use some of the following simple ideas to get you started.

First off, time management games need to be interesting, appropriate for your environment or setting, and most of all, not just a waste of time or a way to spend time thinking you are going to help yourself later on down the line.

All too often time management exercises and games are fun and interesting, but end up just taking time away from being productive.

Competitive time games are the best route. When there is at least a little something on the line, even if it’s just the joy of knowing you are better, getting better, or the thrill of victory, the challenge becomes more interesting, more involving, and will draw out better results because it is a competition.

You can set these up for several staff members to compete against each other, or in teams, or against other departments. The great thing about these games too is that you can play against yourself much the same as you do with many other kinds of games.

Set up a task and have the individuals or teams create a time chart listing the tasks and the times necessary for successful completion. You can compare the schedules for the best ones, and carry it a step further by having each team or competitor take their list and then try to “prove” their strategy works.

You can also check out many of the software games available for personal computers. Also many of the more popular games have now been made available for PDA’s so you can play, well, wherever you are and when you have… time!

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Publish Date: 02/16/2010

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