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Task management software can certainly make taking care of tasks something that is easy to maintain, thus making projects easier to complete and take less time.  Task management software can be computer based or web based.  This article talks about how web based task management software can give advantages to your business.

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Here is a overview of how the To Do List app works. Learn More: simplelifetool.com

Why JobTraQ Task Management Software?

JobTraQ® Task Management Software is a flexible and powerful team management software and workflow software solution empowering best practices for human-to-human (H2H) interactions through “Task Enablement”. JobTraQ® Task Management Software enables …

When a company performs projects, task management is crucial to keeping its projects on schedule and ensuring that enough time is given to each task to ensure a project’s quality. Although defect tracking, task tracking, issue tracking, etc., are often discussed as disciplines that commence with the implementation of an official tracking system, the reality is that all project companies officially tracking defects, tasks and issues that are crucial to their projects. But how well they track them is another matter. In many cases, companies begin by using amateur tracking strategies that work well in the beginning. But as they grow and take on larger projects, they often try to make their original tracking methods work in a situation that demands a form of tracking that offers, at the very least, greater task organization and delegation abilities, accommodates a larger number of project participants and allows task resolution status to be viewed in real time.

Concerning the question of who uses web based task management software, the quickest answer would be: companies that handle large projects and that typically work on more than one project at once. However, while large companies that attempt their own task tracking usually show a greater need for web based task management software than smaller companies, task management software is designed for large and small companies alike that work in any area where tracking tasks by computer is a beneficial endeavor. As to the advantages of web based task management software, it’s best to begin by comparing it to its opposite: onsite task management software, which functions like an intranet, meaning that tracking software and hardware is located at a company’s facility.

When comparing web based tracking to onsite tracking, the most obvious difference is price, with web based tracking costing significantly less. To implement onsite tracking, you’ll have to incur the following expenses: hardware costs, software costs, system maintenance fees and system maintenance upgrades. But with web based tracking these expenses are eliminated; all you pay is a monthly fee that’s based on the number of users for your tracking system and the type of tracking options you need. In terms of system users, packages can be found that accommodate as few as five users, and as many as 2,500. In terms of tracking options, most tracking providers perform an analysis of a company’s unique tracking needs and business process to create a tracking system that fits them perfectly.

In addition to its cost effectiveness, web based task management software also offers extreme flexibility in terms of tracking options and remote system access. Some tracking providers offer their services on a pay as you go basis, which allows for the easy adding and deleting of tracking options on a short term basis. With onsite tracking systems, your always stuck with your original tracking options; you can add new options, but you can’t delete old ones that you no longer need. Remote system access refers to system users’ ability to access a web based tracking system from Internet terminals worldwide, which is ideal for companies that conduct or plan on conducting business on a national or global level, as well as for companies that have traveling employees, two or more locations that work on the same projects or employees that work from home.

In my research on issue, task and defect tracking, I’ve studied the value of online issue tracking.

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