Time Management Courses – Using iMac and Spaces For Improving Time Management

There are all kinds of tools and software that work in different operating systems.  One operating system that is of growing importance is the Mac operating system.  This post is about some of the time management tools that are available for the Mac.  Read on for more about how to use the iMac and Spaces to increase your time management efficiency.

Improving time management is something that everyone can benefit from. We can never create more time in a day, but if we can more effectively use our time, then we will have more time for the things that we want to do. There are a variety of online time management training tools, personal time management software, and you can even take a time management course, but this simple trick using your iMac and Spaces can get you on the right path by slightly altering the way you think about your work and time. This is a time management report that will drastically improve your life.

First of all, Spaces can be personal time management software if you use it correctly. Spaces allows you to have different desktops open at a time. As simple as that sounds, it can be very powerful. In each “space” only allow yourself to have 1 window open. This would be similar to the first item on your to do list. Cluttered desktops breed distractions, so narrowing down what you CAN look at will go a long way to improving time management.

The key is to not allow yourself to view other desktops until you have completed what you need on your current desktop. If you need multiple programs for some tasks, that is fine, but simply go to the space that holds that information, retrieve it, and then got back immediately.

You will be giving yourself a time management course. This may sound so basic that you are confused as to how it will help. Try it. Do not let yourself do anything but what is on your screen. And, do not allow yourself to open another window on a particular space. It will require discipline, but it will have its rewards.

Set up your spaces each evening for the tasks that you want to complete the next day and follow the path when you get there and it is time to do the work. KNOWING that you cannot do anything else until you have completed your current task will force you to get it done.

Here is how I have my day and spaces are structured currently, and I never had to take any online time management training (take good notice for where the email and Internet surfing coming):

Space 1: Market Samurai – I do keyword research for content I am posting

Space 2: Spreadsheet – Lists all the keywords I have selected and corresponding published content

Space 3: Twitter – social media marketing

Space 4: Personal development: Read inspirational content

Space 5: Word processor: Write article to post

Space 6: Video Software: Create a video to post

Space 7: Traffic Geyser: Distribute content

Space 8: Google AdSense: Pay per click advertising

Space 9: Facebook: Social media marketing

Space 10: Gmail: FINALLY check email

Space 11: Website: update pages

Space 12: Aweber: manage email lists

Space 13: Training: Make sure I stay on the cutting edge

Space 14: To do list: random things that have come up

Space 15: Miscellaneous: usually where I go to browse the web.

Space 16: iTunes – have to celebrate when the work is done.

As you can see it is very structured (and I have never been an organized person) and it drastically decreases the time it takes to get each of my tasks done because my focus is singular.

Jim Kernan was a successful professional in consulting as well as Wall Street with an MBA from Duke University before he started his own home based business opportunity to free himself of the shackles of the corporate world.

He is now a successful Internet entrepreneur who specialized in teaching others the same skills that he learned. He has a strong belief that the more one gives the more they receive in return. This philosophy has been proven and led countless others to success.

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