Tracking Your Time – How to Do It

One of the things about time management is knowing where you spend your time.  When you know where you spend your time, you can track your time much more effectively.  There are many tools available to allow you to track your time effectively.  You should pick one that works best within your style because if you have to change a lot to use it, chances are, it won’t be permanent because you will stop using it.  So be thoughtful in picking your time tracking system.  In this article, it gives one way that you can track your time.

Time tracking is a big problem for many of the people especially for those who are in the profession of freelancing or content writers. It is important to keep a record with time to fulfill the needs of your clients. Freelancing is coming up with a great urge in these days. The demand for them is increasing day by day. A good freelancer is always that who know how to keep track with his/her time. It is not an easy task to cope with. It needs some solid effort before you can able to keep a track with your time.

Freelancing becomes more difficult when you are a mobile freelancer. Mobile freelancer means that you have to work on more than on computers or multiple computers and you can be work from anywhere, you need not to stick to one place to do your work. In that case time tracking become even more difficult. But there is no need to worry; there are many web based time trackers available on internet. But always go for simple, easy to use and rather cheap time trackers.

Hereunder are given some of the best time tracker tools, but remember they are not free and best things are often never free.

Toggl (

It has a nice and simple interface and most importantly it is free. It is an efficient time management tool. It has both a web and a downloadable for version for windows user only. It is a helpful tool for freelancers that keep the exact track of your time.

It is very simple and slick interface. It is easy and fast to use. It is a web-based interface and can be used on nay browser or operating system.

It is a professional package. Harvest is web application so can be used from anywhere. It works well for teams, it contains project estimates and also some reports. It is also a paid application and you have to become the membership of harvest first. It has package plan from free to premium.

Cashboard is not as simple as the above three applications. A bit complex but comprehensive application. It has a perfect time tracking system, and also it includes; producing and tracking invoices, keeping track of accounts and clients, producing estimates, and much more.

It is quite an old interface as compared to above interfaces. But it is capable of doing its job well. It can be more useful if it is used with invoicing software. It is also a web based application.

Ya Timer (

Ya timer is a downloadable desktop application which is not available on web. It is the simplest of all and has a very simple interface with lot of options. It is best for basic needs. it has a interface with zoom option to help the users.

There are many Time trackers available over Internet but you should be very careful choosing the right Time Tracker that fulfills your needs.

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