Business Time Management Tip – The Secret to Laser Sharp Focus

Business time management focuses on the systems, and tools that business owners and entrepreneurs especially need to manage their time.  In this article the author discusses how to use the different time management strategies to allow the business owner to become much more efficient with their time.  Read on for more on this tip that can help keep the entrepreneur on track.

Trying to stay focused is a crucial skill involved with business time management. As busy as our high tech world has become, maintaining focus is becoming even more challenging. However, individuals who are successful, both professionally and personally, eventually learn the most important aspect of staying focused.

Most people, when starting a new task, can concentrate on the job initially. They are usually mentally fresh, and able to focus.

Unfortunately, they allow themselves to be distracted, Especially when they are mentally tired. These distractions are devastating, because once an individual is distracted, it takes a long time to regain focus.

The key to maintaining focus is to plan your work in “chunks” of time. Generally, these blocks of time range from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on how much concentration is required.

Literally, put these time blocks in your day planner. While working during these times, you will allow no other activities to take place.

No personal phone calls, texting, reading email, surfing the Net etc.

At the same time that you schedule your blocks of work time, you also schedule your breaks. The key is to stick to the schedule until it becomes a habit and a regimen.

GOOD habits are as hard to break as bad habits. Generally it takes between 3-4 weeks to establish a habit.

Also, part of business time management is to plan your time away from work. Put that time on a calender, and TAKE THAT TIME OFF! By doing so, you will discover that when you return to work it will be MUCH easier to focus.

You will be mentally refreshed, and ready to focus!

Are you spending too much time at work? Do you need help in clarifying and focusing on your priorities, so you can work A LOT less and make more money?

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Publish Date: 04/23/2010

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  1. Julie Parker says:


    I tried to get the ebook but the website was gone.

    When you have it I’d like it.


  2. Good time management begins at home. Its far too often that workers leave the house early and arrive home after the kids are asleep. A good time management strategy will target the wife and kids first off and this will have a ripple effect at work.
    .-= Doyle Matthews´s last blog

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