Time Management for College Students

Time management for college students is almost as popular a subject as time management for nurses.  Both groups have to cram a lot of to-do’s in a small period of time.  These are the breaks!  This article discusses some task management tactics that college students can use to gain more control over their time.  read on for more!

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Balancing friends, family, schoolwork, and a part-time isn’t easy. This is what most college students face when they attend college. If you follow these tips, you will be able to successfully balance your life.

Set goals.
Set academic goals, but be realistic. Not many people get straight a’s their first semester of college. Do you have extracurricular goals? What about personal goals? If you set goals, you have a greater chance of following through with them. To ensure you follow through with your goals, reward yourself. If you accomplish a goal, treat yourself to something like an extra cookie at lunch or a movie at the local theater.

This is the most important tip. Decide which of your tasks are the most important. This is where “learn to say no” comes to play. Do not prioritize friends over school and parties over homework. When it comes to homework, always work on the assignment due the soonest. Use the ABCD prioritization system. A is most important. B is a must do, but isn’t as important as A. C is a task that has no consequences if it doesn’t get done. D is a task you will delegate or outsource. E stands for eliminate.

Keep a calendar.
A calendar is essential to college. If you have any hope of going to class on time, completing your homework, and participating in extracurricular activities, you need some way to keep dates and times organized.

Do NOT procrastinate.
There are three simple steps to overcoming procrastination. Recognize when it’s occurring, ask why it’s happening, and move on. There are four procrastination styles: self-doubt, guilt, discomfort, and habitual. Self-doubt procrastination occurs when people fear failure. People who use this style feel that there are extremely high standards and don’t have the confidence to try meeting them. Guilt driven procrastination is a fallacious style. People who employ its use feel guilty and won’t complete a task so they can avoid the guilty feeling a second time around, but they then feel guilt for not completing the task. Discomfort driven procrastination works the same way guilt driven procrastination does. They avoid a task when they’re uncomfortable, but then their discomfort grows because the task doesn’t go away. The last style is habitual procrastination. These people have procrastinated for so long that it has become second nature. Everyone procrastinates, but don’t allow it to get the best of you.

Grab extra study time.
Use your time wisely. Whenever you wait for a friend or outside of a classroom, take the time to study or work on a project. This downtime is a great chance to catch up on class work you’re behind in. Finish small tasks, so you have extra free time later.

Don’t lose important lecture papers in the abyss of your backpack. Have a folder or binder for each class and actually use it. Keep your notes organized to make studying easier.

Because we cannot change time, we have to live with what we’re given. Use the afore-mentioned tips to make good use of the time you do have.

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