Your Time Management System – Make Sure It’s Working for Your Business

It’s one thing to study up on time management and another to finally get around to implementing a good time management system.  It is another yet to be sure that the system you have spent time implementing is something that is worth while and is actually saving you time and making you more efficient….  So how do you know if your time management system is working?  Well this post will discuss that more in detail.

Here are some videos on time management systems:

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SAQ #1: Is it my time management system, or theirs?

Itook a moment out of my vacation to put together 10 FAQ’s and 10 SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) on time management. This is the most recent thinking designed for anyone who is ever interested in upgrading their time management systems. See mytimedesig…

SAQ #2: What is a time management system?

Itook a moment out of my vacation to put together 10 FAQ’s and 10 SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) on time management. This is the most recent thinking designed for anyone who is ever interested in upgrading their time management systems. See mytimedesig…

Here is an article on time management systems:

“Time management is intended to save time, not waste time.”

Is your time management system failing?

Does it seem to take more effort than it is worth?

Does it regularly breakdown?

If your system is failing, then it’s time to re-evaluate.

First we need to assess why it’s not working:

Is your time management system is too complex? – This is actually the most common problem that causes systems to fail. Is it cumbersome or time-consuming? Do you use multiple tools or require a plan just to plan? If it takes more time to organize than it does to do the work then it is too complex.

Is it redundant? – Do you have multiple lists? Do you use more than one calendar? Are you duplicating work? Use one central planning tool, list and calendar.

Is it portable? – Where do you keep your time management system? Can you take it with you and have access to it at all times? You need to be able to capture ideas and retrieve information in real-time or your system fails.

Does it match your personality or work patterns? – If you are tech savvy, then en electronic organizing system is most efficient. If you are more comfortable with traditional pen and paper then carry your notebook and don’t force yourself to struggle with a PDA. The best time management system is the one that works for you!

Tips to keep in mind:

  • The simpler the better – Choose the simplest, most direct method to get the job done.
  • Keep it centralized – Whatever your system, keep it in one place.
  • Make it accessible – Make sure that you can get to your information and capture thoughts and tasks easily in real-time.
  • Choose your tools carefully – Select the tools that accomplish what you need without additional bells and whistles that will distract you.
  • You are the most important consideration – Your system must suit you, your personality, your work style and your way of thinking or processing information.

An effective time management system should save you time and effort. It should help you make the most efficient use of your time. It should not be a struggle to use. It should feel comfortable. Maybe not initially, but after using it for a bit, if it’s still uncomfortable – re-assess, tweak it or ditch it and start over.

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