Blackberry Software Time Management – Use Your Blackberry to Manage Your Life and Business

There are many tools that people can use to get a better handle on their time.  Many smartphones come with software or apps that allow them to manage their time more effectively and efficiently.  Software for Blackberry time management is available that will help you use your Blackberry cell phone to improve your life.

Here are some videos on Blackberry Time Management:

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Here is an article on Blackberry time management called: Really Use Your Blackberry to Manage Your Life and Business

You know the scene.  Blackberry users are a loose club.  Own a Blackberry – you’re in.  When we see each other we compare notes on the best programs to add.  We all are looking for ways to make our lives faster and easier to manage.

Personally, I need to be flexible.  One moment I at my desk working on an email.  Two minutes later I’m sending a reply but now I’m down the hall or even heading for the car.  Blackberry to the rescue.

Now on my third blackberry over four years, I’ve had the chance to try lots of programs.  This is the list of the best ones that work for me.

Wall Street Journal reader for Blackberry.  Use it several times a day.  Very quick to scan headlines.  Then click for summary and click again to get the full article.  Did I say this is free!  So far they are not charging for blackberry users.  The app will send articles to anyone in your phone book, Facebook, or quick link to your email.  Also has custom search and your portfolio is automatically updated.

HP 12C Financial Calculator.  This one will cost $13.  Works perfect.  I took the basic calculator off my phone.  You can chose RPN or algebraic.  Check it out at

Project Manager – Task List.  And fully searchable free form database.   Rexwireless offers a bunch of software solutions.  I chose two that fit my needs for flexible and detailed task and project management and another to handle all of the databases and notes I want to carry with me.  (I replaced a palmtop computer with the blackberry).  ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix work very well.  Most people that use them claim they are the best applications available.  They integrate well with the rest of the BB apps.  All of the data is automatically and instantly synced with the web-based versions.  So you can work on the phone or on the web.  Customer service has been incredible when needed.  They also offer enterprise level versions where the whole company can share data.  Best application on my BB, I live in these applications.  Cost is $60 each or both for $100.

Google Mobile products.  Google has several great tools.  I use some but not all.  GoogleMaps goes right on top.  Love the live traffic updates and quick searching for a place I need by just scrolling to the general area on the map and searching.  GoogleSync is critical for me to automatically back up my calendar and addressbook.  You will need a Google account, then you sync with an online calendar and addressbook.  The calendar can then be shared with staff.  Watch who takes priority with the gmail/sync.  I recommend you back up the BB databases using the desktop and cable also.  Sync works well, but is confusing until you get the preferences right.

Google also has a gmail client for the blackberry.  I use this for email sometimes.  Mostly to get email that I’ve already removed from the BB.  (I frequently delete the BB email to clear memory.)  But with gmail I can find anything for years back.

Beyond411  Quick location based and every other type of search too.  I use this as my first line of search.  Don’t have to open a browser to start searching.  Just quick type and click.  It is location based so it is great for finding a place you need close by.  It gives maps, directions, addresses and phone numbers.  Just click on the phone number and you’re making table reservations!  It also does general web searches, white pages, and 1000 more special searches so you only get the type of responses you want.  It’s free and used a lot.  Faster than calling 411 and let me it say it again,  FREE. You can find it at

eOffice.  Recently paid the money so I could write Microsoft Word docs and Excel spreadsheets.  $30.00 Dynoplex offers this.  It is difficult to use though.  Email or Tweet me for an update on how I resolve issues in being fully mobile with office tools.

What are your favorite apps?  Just let me know.

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